Qui Som?

At the Picarol Children's Home in Badalona, we offer an education full of love and respect, fostering personal growth and learning for the youngest. As an accredited and recognized center by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a 'Green School', we focus on sustainable and conscious teaching, in an environment that encourages children's curiosity and autonomy.

From our center, we have been committed to creating a family-like space where each child can fully develop, respecting their unique rhythms. Our educational team, comprised of professionals with years of experience, is dedicated to providing a rich and stimulating educational experience, preparing children for the world with solid values and contagious joy.

We are more than a school; we are a community that grows together, and at Picarol, every day is a new adventure where the little explorers learn and play, building the foundations for their future.

Our garden

It's an extension of our commitment to green and sustainable education. Here, children learn about the cycle of life through caring for plants, the importance of sustainable farming, and the value of healthy eating. The experience of watching food grow from seed to harvest is a living lesson in patience, responsibility, and the natural cycle of life.

In this green space, we cultivate not only fruits and vegetables but also values such as respect for nature and environmental awareness. It's a corner where each season brings its magic and where every little one discovers the joy of eating what they have helped to grow. Our garden is our open book to interactive and practical learning, a window to understanding the environment and our relationship with it.


Our Events

Descobreix la màgia dels nostres esdeveniments, on cada moment és una celebració de l'aprenentatge, la creativitat i la comunitat.

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